How Social Proof Dominates Your Life

Humans are constantly having cognitive biases affect the way decisions are made. These biases cause people’s brains to distort reality, impair judgment, and cause impulse decisions. The social proof tendency is one of the most popular because of the absolute stranglehold it has on our lives. Psychologically, humans have...

7 Strategies to Perfectly Apply Pressure in Business

Applying pressure is a tricky art form. I always say closing a business deal is like catching a butterfly with your bare hands. If you apply too much pressure, you’ll overpower your client and crush any hopes of a deal. On the flip side, if you don’t apply enough pressure the deal is guaranteed to slip away...

Closing Technique of the Week: The Hard Close

The hard close is a closing technique that some salespeople don’t like to keep in their arsenal. This happens because it’s more of a black and white close and can come off as pushy, if not trained properly on it. It’s not for everyone but sometimes a client will never buy unless they’re...


Looking to Better Yourself!?

This content is directly associated to personal development. The main focus is business and sales training but it can be applied anywhere, in your life, and for anyone. After all, everything in your life always reverts back to sales.

I have an advanced understanding of the sales profession and everything associated with it. I will teach you different techniques to help give you a more in depth understanding of sales.

My goal is to impact your life in a positive way! My passion is coaching people. Please share with me any successes you have encountered from my techniques, as that is my greatest pleasure! I would love to hear from you! 🙂



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2 days ago
Consistent improvement is what I’m after

3 days ago
Only the bold succeed. Risks are meant to be taken. Fear of failure is what stops most people from taking risks.

4 days ago
Don’t compare yourself to others. You aren’t running their race. Compare yourself to yourself two years ago.

1 week ago
Everyday we have an opportunity to take control of our life

Don’t let anything stop you from going after what you want

1 week ago
You only fail when you give up. Keep going.