There are many factors that add up to you closing more sales. Closing is an art form. In order for you to be more successful with the close, you have to have a full understanding of it. Once you can understand it inside and out you will always know where you are at in the sale and close. Sales assassins are always closing from the minute they greet the client (if you want to perfect your greet check this out). If you have a full understanding of the sales cycle (which I talk about in my how to become a selling machine post) it will boost your confidence and help you close more deals as well.

First, you will be more effective if you understand the numbers and set goals. Setting goals for yourself is going to drive your results and motivate you to want to succeed. Set short term as well as long term goals. Now, knowing the numbers is going to push you as well. If you don’t know how you make money you are going to be shooting blind. But, if you know the numbers with how many clients you need to see, how many you need to close, how much each deal needs to be worth, and the percentages of your categories, you are going to be more of an assassin. Reason being, if you know that you are behind your quota you will have to step up your game to get back on track and adapt.

Second, you need to be versed in closing. Never be unprepared. Have all your necessary numbers, contracts, information, supplies, etc. Along with that, comes practicing and preparing before hand. You should never practice on the client. You need to be well versed with many different closing techniques (check out some of my favorites here or here or here). If your clients sense that you are a novice they will be more inclined to chew you up and spit you out.

What is Needed to Close the Sale

The close will never happen if you don’t have a few things straight. First, you need the decision maker or makers in front of you. If you are not talking to the person that can authorize a decision then you have to find out who that person is and get in front of them. Don’t get thrown off your path by the client that claims they are not the decision make but they really are.

Next, you have to have the right product. If the product isn’t right there is no way your client will buy it. Don’t be that lazy salesperson that tries to get people to buy the wrong product by working them a deal. For example, I wear size 14 shoes. If someone offered me size 11 shoes for a crazy deal I still wouldn’t buy them. No matter what the shoe would not fit so it would be pointless. Keep in mind, the product does not have to be perfect! Don’t keep chasing that perfect product, people will buy 8 and 9 out of tens. I may purchase a size 13 or 15 if they run big or small. Overall, it depends on if they will fit or not. Find the right fit with whatever product or service you are selling.

17 Tips to Help You Close More Sales

So, after completed the above steps you are ready for the close. Sales assassins are always closing. Start to close from the second you meet your client to the end. All of these tips and pointers add up to more success with the close. I recommend knowing them all and becoming well versed with them all. If you want more sales and to increase your income, follow these tips:

  1. Always ask for the sale. The most common mistake salespeople make are not asking for the sale. Don’t dance around the ask. If you are confident in what you are selling and yourself, then ask for it.
  2. Ask for it one more time. By now you are probably saying but Cody that’s a never ending statement… EXACTLY! It typically takes 4 to 5 asks to close the sale. If you are hit with an objection, you overcome it and then ask again. Don’t assume they want it. Beat them to the punchline. If your client says, “I’ll take it” before you asked for the sale you were a clerk not a sales assassin.
  3. Smile when you ask for the sale. People have a harder time breaking someone’s heart that is smiling and excited about what they are selling.
  4. Maintain eye contact throughout and when you ask. Lack of eye contact shows lack of confidence as well as distrust. Don’t seem like you are hiding something.
  5. Use humor in the close. Humor is extremely effective. It can break the awkward tension in the room. Your client will become more comfortable.
  6. Use verbiage to your advantage. It can be a psychological advantage. For example, saying $3849.99 out loud as thirty-eight forty-nine instead of three thousand forty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents is better. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars. It pains my heart and bank account just thinking about it… but thirty-eight forty-nine? Not so bad.
  7. Present the numbers in writing. You have got to realize that people distrust salespeople. Prove you are trustworthy by getting all proposals of price in writing. A lot of people are visual learners and it will help those people grasp the prices more. It may take a couple minutes extra but if it means more money and deals, it’s worth it.
  8. Stay seated. Do not stand while presenting the numbers. Sit down somewhere. It is more comfortable of a setting. If people start to get up stay seated and try to get them back down. Never initiate standing up. That inclines to the client that something has changes and that it is directing them to leave.
  9. Be enthusiastic and positive. Don’t get bogged down with all the negativity. Stay positive and the client will come around as well.
  10. Be quick on your toes. You need to quickly answer questions and overcome objections. Long pauses show lack of knowledge and confidence.
  11. Always solve the problem. No matter how crazy the objection is, overcome it and solve it. You are not succeeding in sales because you do not do this (more on this concept here).
  12. Ask the hard questions. If there is an objection you need to figure out what that is. Don’t get caught up in the smokescreen. Get to the root of the issue and dig it out. The hard questions are the ones that you need to ask and want to but you don’t because you let your fears dictate your sales process. Don’t be a coward. Get out of your comfort zone.
  13. Get an answer. If you ask a question and they respond with “I’m not sure” then push and get an answer out. I typically respond with “well if you did know what do you think it would be?” This tactic starts to get them thinking vs. just throwing up the cop out of “I don’t know.”
  14. Never give the white flag of surrender. The business card. If someone asks you if you have a card politely state that you do and continue to close and ask hard questions. Don’t ignore your client that’s just rude. If the client is walking out the door then exchange information but other than that keep the card till you close the deal.
  15. Be transparent. Give your client the reason why you are pushing so hard for the close. They will understand and start to realize that you are working hard for them.
  16. Shake on the deal. People are less likely to back out of a deal if they shake on it.
  17. Be versed in closing techniques. I come out with a closing technique a week. I posted some of them earlier in this post. Subscribe to my blog on the home page and you will get updates of when I make a new blog post! Don’t miss out on any of those closing techniques and that potential money you could be making!

Overall, these tactics are going to increase your close rate and success with the close. The best part about it is that you know where you are, in the close, and have more control. Say goodbye to not knowing what you are doing. You are going to be able to handle those tough clients. Finally, you’ll become more of a sales assassin each day and benefit financially.

Please comment below your thoughts about my closing tips! If you have any further questions comment below as well.

Go deep with the close and get those deals!