Millennials have so much potential. Most people don’t see it but it’s there you just need to learn how to tap into it. They are starting to take up most of the workforce so it is essential to understand them. What I love about millennials is they have so much potential. They can help you take your business to places you never thought possible. Millennials can bring in new business ideas and strategies that can help your business grow. They want to be apart of a cause.

Millennials are highly educated, adaptive, creative, technologically advanced, and hard working. In my experience, millennials like to have a good time. Take the fun out of things and that is when they don’t produce. The key is to get as much production out as possible while still having fun. In the same breath, millennials are very stubborn and difficult to coach. They are different. You have to inspire and motivate them if you want to unleash their potential!

Why You Should Take My Advice

I am a millennial myself. I know what makes millennials tick and what inspires them. I know how to coach them to achieve results. I can inspire them to do great things while getting under their skin like no other. I know how they think. I have experiences both ends of things from the employee and the boss. All you have to do is understand the millennial and you to can have success unleashing their full potential!

Recently, I was given the reins to a $5 million furniture store that was a team made up of all millennials. The previous year, this team of millennials was able to grow the furniture store 15%. My team and I was able to enhance that growth to 24.4%, $6.4 million, for the year of 2017. In this article, I teach you the 6 strategies that helped this team of millennials achieve results this company never thought possible.

What to Watch Out For When Working with Millennials

I am not sure why but a large amount of people write millennials off. I hear people state all the time how millennials never work hard, are uncoachable, have no potential, how they whine all the time, etc. First, you have got to stop thinking this way and assuming every millennial is the same as some millennial kid that didn’t work out at your business. Would you ever stop dating and give up on dating just because you had one boyfriend or girlfriend that didn’t work out? I’m going to go ahead and guess no. You get back up on the horse and try again. Same concept for millennials. Sometimes one doesn’t work out and you move on. Don’t ruin a future relationship because you are still salty from past relationships!

Second, quit saying the above assumptions. I can’t tell you how many times people rip apart millennials even right in front of me… and I am one. It’s so frustrating and ignorant when people say these things. Just know one simple thing. If you are saying these things openly about millennials how could you ever expect to unleash their potential!? Honestly think about it. If someone was openly negative about you why would you ever want to help them and give them 100%. Common sense 101 but don’t insult someone and expect them to move mountains for you.

Next, stop trying to force millennials to care about your company or brand. Most millennials do not care about those things. They care about themselves, the cause they are working for, their happiness, and the people they work with. It’s a different game these days and you have to adapt. The reason why most millennials think this way is they know that life is short and they want to make the most of it. Also, they know that most companies place no value in employees so why should they do the same? For real, think about that and let that sink in. Most companies are outraged when they hear how millennials don’t care about the company… well if that employee was gone tomorrow would the company care about that? Millennials understand this so quit trying to get them to care. Instead, treat them right and focus on your cause and reason why. Millennials will get behind that all day long! And if you have a shitty cause, reason why, and work environment you need to adapt. Sorry it’s the simple truth.

Also, quit treating millennials like kids. They are capable of so much start viewing them as gold mines. All you have to do is dig deep enough and put in enough effort to find the gold. A lot of people claim that millennials are entitled. I don’t agree with this. Millennials are the lowest paid generation in all of history and they are the most educated. If they want to make a certain dollar amount or wage show them how to get there. There is no need to call them entitled and to force them to get back in line. Show them what they have to do to earn that and they will do what it takes. Most of the time they don’t have the right direction.

6 Ways to Unleash the Potential of Millennials

I have figured out these 6 ways to get millennials to move mountains for you and your business. They are all super effective. All of them add up to the big picture so your results won’t be as good if you are only doing a couple.

  1. Always explain the whys. I have a separate blog post where I talk about it here. Number one way to get a millennial to resist is to tell them to do something “because I said so.” Don’t get me wrong there is definitely a time and a place but try to refrain from doing this. Millennials ask a ton of questions because they need to know why they are doing something. If they understand why they are going to perform more consistently and at higher levels. If they don’t understand they will do whatever it is while you are watching but will be inconsistent the second you turn your back. They are a questioning bunch but explain the whys! If you can’t explain the whys then maybe you should start asking yourself that. But in all reality they will be so much more coachable if you follow this strategy.
  2. Pick them up, don’t beat them down. If you are beating your millennials down they are going to shut down completely. Millennials have zero respect for someone that is constantly negative and beating them down. Instead, focus on their potential and how you know they can achieve high results. Show them WHY they should want to achieve high results and then help them get there. See if they notice similar issues or strengths. Then, when they are doing something great you need to celebrate that. Appreciate all the hard work and progress because that goes farther than you know.
  3. Hold them accountable. Millennials seek strong leaders that are willing to hold them accountable. These leaders need to be able to walk the walk and provide great coaching. If a millennial thinks they are wasting their time it cease all progress. Think of yourself as keeping them on track. Help them set goals and follow through with those goals. Be there for them when they need help. Show them where they are lacking and where they are killing it. Adapt and grow.
  4. Pick their brains. Get their input and feedback on how to improve. They have some great ideas and can help your business grow. Not only that but it will seem like you are respecting their opinions even if you don’t adopt their idea. Millennials love helping for the greater cause. Giving them a voice will boost their confidence while helping your business. Not only that but they can help you adapt to the current trends of customer experience. It’s a simple win win.
  5. Let them loose and trust them. Stop thinking you have to constantly micromanage them. Teach them how to do something, explain to them the whys, and hold them accountable. That’s your formula for success right there.
  6. Have fun and always keep things exciting. Always remember that millennials are after the cause and the work environment. Don’t get me wrong we like money but we have to like where we work! If you keep things fun, positive, and focus on team building you are going to impact a lot of millennials. Instead of being embarrassed of where they are working they will be proud. Keeping millennials happy is the final key for success. If they feel they are sacrificing their happiness you will never unleash their potential and even worse lose them. Find ways to generate team building exercises, discussions, and games. Create a culture that anyone would miss the second they left. Only that will ensure that these highly skilled millennials won’t jump ship the second someone waves a dollar in front of their faces.

These various strategies are simple and effective. You will start to gain ground with your millennials. The results are going to be the best outcome. All of these pointers and strategies go hand in hand with each other. Try them out with your various millennials and they can be impactful at work or even outside of work. They are transparent in any scenario.

Unleashing these millennials can mean substantial growth for your business. It can also mean a happier work environment for your millennials as well as other employees. I’m sure people at any age will appreciate these. I believe that these strategies will decrease your turnover rates as well. The team I was leading had the least turnover between 4 stores. I believe it was because the team environment was so strong. Keep that in mind when you are gaining ground with these tactics.

Please comment your thoughts on this post! Do you have any winning strategies for inspiring millennials?

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Go now and inspire the shit out of some millennials!

-Cody Cameron