Anyone that claims they got where they’re at by themselves is full of it. No one can become successful without help from others. I am a firm believer that you have to continually rely on others throughout your life for help, guidance, training, connections, etc. Teamwork doesn’t start and stop with a sport or work environment. You experience teamwork all throughout your day and life.

I’ve experienced the ups and downs of a team and you fail harder when you try to do everything yourself. There seems to be a point in some people’s lives where they seclude themselves from being open to learning, meeting new people, and relying on others. I’ve even done it myself. It took me failing to open up my eyes on how those around me impacted my life.

If you’re one of those people with the lone wolf mentality where you have to do everything by yourself, it’s hurting you vs. helping you. You can get so much farther, quicker by learning from others and asking for help. There’s no shame in asking for help! It took me a while to learn that but once I did it helped me immensely.

One of My Favorite Ways to Learn

I love learning from others. One of the biggest factors that lead to my success in business, management, sales, and more importantly my income was directly related to how I learned from others. I know that there’s always something I can learn from someone else. It doesn’t matter how much experience, knowledge, someone’s age, or how successful someone is but I can always learn something from someone. So, I’m continually open to learning something from anyone I come into contact with and I recommend you do the same.

Now, don’t get me wrong you can learn quicker and more from those that are more successful and experienced. The most important part to remember about this is to understand how to differentiate the diamonds from the shit. You can take a piece of shit and hang it in a gallery as art, trying to sell it. But in the end it’s still shit. So be careful with what you are taking from others and learning. You can help yourself differentiate the good from the bad by trusting your gut, testing, and fact checking.

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I can’t stand when gurus and mentors say to only learn from them because their information is the best. It’s a form of manipulation and shows their fears of becoming irrelevant. Go out and test out different mentors and learn from many people! I can tell you right now that those people that say that never learned from one person or a handful. They learned from thousands and thousands of people.

Ultimately, you don’t have to go on your path to success alone. Not only that but you’ll be able to find success quicker by relying on teamwork and others around you. You never know if someone’s strengths might be the perfect fit for your weaknesses. I believe people are stronger when they’re humble enough to ask for help. Humans are capable of so much and you’ve got to start trusting others to help you! Trust this rant because it’ll pay off!

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Be great,

Cody Cameron