If I had a choice between being the most talented person in my field or the person that persists the most, I’d choose the most persistent 100% of the time. People view talent as a superpower that’ll guarantee a successful life. That’s not the case and has never been the case. I believe that people have this mindset because it’s an excuse and excuses are easy… and we all know what I think about excuses. I’m here to tell you that you can beat talent with sheer persistence!

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People get dealt losing hands every day in life. That doesn’t stop someone with the heart of a champion from doing anything necessary to achieve their goals. Most people give up before they’ve even failed enough to deserve success. You may be telling yourself right now, “I deserve success, life’s just unfair and that’s why I’m not successful.” That’s bullshit.

If you’re not in denial enough to be still reading this, that’s good because it means you want success and are open to listening. In all seriousness, you haven’t persisted nearly hard enough, long enough, through the pain enough, through the tiredness, and especially not enough to find success… yet. Talent is worthless without the persistence to back it up. Go ahead and try to name anyone that’s top of their field or profession that’s not persistent. I dare you! I think the thing I love about persistence the most is that it requires zero talent, just insane amounts of effort!

Mark Cuban preaches all the time on how the main reason that separated him from everyone else was because he did what no one else would do. He read every user manual of every IT system he could get his hands on. He persisted.

Quit letting the fact that other people have been dealt better hands than you stop you from achieving success. Once you do find success it’ll be that much more satisfying. More importantly success requires doing what others won’t. Persistence helps with this.

If you’re not finding success you need to work smarter, push harder, get back up one more time, then again, then again, put in more hours, sacrifice drinking or TV, read more, and definitely persist like you’ve never persisted before in your life. Don’t let your fears of failure stop you. You haven’t earned a damn thing till you persisted longer than everyone else. If you ever think of quitting just unleash your inner Shia Labeouf. Talent is nothing special but someone refusing to quit no matter what is ultra rare.

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Be great,

Cody Cameron