What is This Content About?

The content in this blog is primarily sales and business oriented. I am sharing with you everything that I learned to help me and others get to a six figure income and how to grow your business. I share my successes with you to help you get to a six figure income and it is more attainable than you think! The content can be anything from strategies to help you close more deals down to the psychology behind why people make decisions. All of the content will add up to a stronger mindset, skill set, financial situation, and make you prepared to handle anything that the sales profession can throw at you!

Also, you do not have to be in sales for this content. Ever have to sell yourself to get your dream job? Ever want to know how to negotiate a better salary for yourself? Ever have to sell yourself to get someone to go out with you? It’s all sales! You can use this content anywhere in your life!

Why Sales/Business Content?

A long time ago I realized that great sales assassins are made, not born. In sales, your success lives and dies by the amount you self-develop and train. I believe most people can thrive if they have the proper knowledge and training. Unfortunately, most salespeople do not have the proper training. Ever since I found that out, it has been my passion and mission to help people better themselves. The best satisfaction I get from helping you is knowing that these successes will positively impact you for the rest of your life! How cool is that?!

Why Should You Listen to Me?

This is a great question as I always believe that you should be very selective with the knowledge you get from people. You always see these influencers out there telling you to do things with very little detail on how, why, or what steps to take to become successful. My goal is to help you with all the little steps that equate to the big success not by waving the end goal in your face with no clue on how to get there. Other than that, here are a couple reasons why I am credible and why I feel I am suited for the job:


  1. I personally got myself to a six figure income (and no way I’m stopping there) and helped other people too. Also, I got many more to high five figure income. The average household income was $59,039 in 2016.

  2. The strategies I implemented grew the retail business I ran 24.4% in 2017. It was by no means a start-up, it was it’s fifth year of operation.

  3. I have a very in depth knowledge of the sales process and can teach it in a simple way that’s easy to understand.

  4. I am continually studying and applying sales/business techniques. My strategy has always been to learn from others. What I do is take all the positives and strengths of those I learn from and mold them into my own selling strategies. In other words, you are learning the best of the best, from the best!

  5. I explain the ‘whys’ behind things. You will always be more effective if you understand why you should do something.

Who is This Blog For?

This blog is for people unsatisfied with where they are at in life. This is for those people hungry to improve their situation whether it be their job, financial situation, relationships, mindset, knowledge, etc. There is no specific age, sex, race, background, or occupation that this content is tailored for. All you need is the burning passion to want to better yourself.

My Promise to You!

I promise that I am going to work day and night to always ensure that you are getting the best content. I am continually self-developing myself by researching, studying, reading, practicing, and experiencing anything and everything that can pertain to helping you and me. This will benefit you because it takes hours to wade through the bullshit to find the gems. You will not have to waste your time and will prosper from all the splendors of my research.

My Story

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Went to college at Illinois State University and graduated with a business management degree. I played football at ISU but have played sports my entire life. If there is one thing you will learn about me it will be my competitiveness. I am the most competitive person that you ever met. I believe that is where I get my drive and fire from. I have always been self motivated. My parents were not very involved throughout my life. I grew up in a broken household and my parents really didn't care what I did growing up. I always had to fight to get what I want. My life experiences molded me into the man I am today. I wouldn't change any single one of them.

One day I reflected on my life and tried to reverse engineer it to determine what always kept me at the top of my game. I determined that there is one aspect that always stuck out. I NEVER STOPPED LEARNING. That is why I am so passionate about developing myself and other people. I found at an early age that you can never be satisfied with where you are at. The second you stop improving is when your competition will dominate you. I am here to assist you to always stay on top of your game; however, it is not just enough to learn you need to take what you learn and apply it. Embrace change. Change is the only way you will get better and stay on top of your game. You must put your knowledge into action and perform. Everything in life is performance based (or at least should be). If you follow my blog you will see improvement and positive changes.

My Goals

I am on a mission to become the world's greatest salesman. Currently, I am far from where I need to be and I take full responsibility for that. In the same breath, I will stop at nothing until I achieve this goal. My passion is in helping others grow and develop. There is no greater satisfaction to me than positively impacting someone's life. My goal is to help every person that is hungry to succeed and improve. Most people that are "overnight successes" sometimes overlook the little things that it took to get to where they are today. I am using this as documentation so you can see every step along the way.

I am determined to develop a sales training business where I can reach the masses. I want to be able to help anyone at anytime of the day. I will use many different platforms to get my content out. I know that I can improve people's lives in many aspects whether it be financial gain, independence, mindset, happiness, skill-set, general knowledge, and overall quality of life. My passion is sales because I truly believe that we are all salespeople. Most people do not realize how important sales skills are for getting ahead, in life.

I am going to be a New York Times best-selling author. I need to reach the masses to get my content out. The old style selling is a thing of the past. The world is changing the way people buy things is changing. I am going to show you how to stay ahead of the curve and to dominate, in your industry.

My Call to Action

I know that it is naive to think that I can get my content out, to the masses, without anyone's help. If I can teach you even one thing to positively impact your life that would bring me so much satisfaction; however, I know that I am going to teach you so much more! I ask that you follow me because I do not want you to miss out on any of my content. Just click the social icons at the bottom of the website.

Also, I need your help in sharing my content so that more and more people can grow with us. This mission of mine is going to require teamwork. If you ever have any feedback for me or think you found information that I could learn from please share it with me. I need to learn as much from my following as you do from me! I urge you to do one more thing... NEVER GIVE UP! This is such an important aspect to success. There will be times where you will want to give up. Delete this from ever being an option and hold yourself accountable. There will be many people that give up on you in your life but don’t you dare give up on yourself!