Have you ever been around someone that has a nasty attitude? I have experienced people with such bad attitudes that you can cut the tension in the air with a knife. You get an anxious knot in your stomach every time you have to be around them. The hair on the back of your neck stands up when you’re near them. You stress out when you picture how that person is going to react to something they may not like. It’s the worst! If you have experienced someone like that you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t I envy you! Attitude is by far the most important attribute that successful people possess. The greats are the ones that can turn any negative into a positive learning scenario. This is extremely difficult to do.

Recently I’ve been challenging myself to work on my attitude. I know how important it is. I used to think it was acceptable to be in a bad mood when things would get under my skin. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. I urge you to let go of that thinking. If you have the mindset that it’s 100% unacceptable to have a bad attitude you will find success. You’ll hold yourself more accountable with having a positive mindset and gain ground. Plus you’ll be a happier person!

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7 Ways to be More Positive

Now don’t get me wrong I’m human. I get in bad moods all the time! It’s imperative to remember that you’re not perfect. There are so many factors that play into a positive attitude that it’ll take time. I want to give you some pointers in achieving a more positive attitude.

  1. Take negative attitudes out of the equation. The more negative people you surround yourself with will make it harder on yourself to keep a positive attitude. Group-think is where you tend to think and act similarly to those that are around you. Sometimes you can’t help saying certain things and thinking certain way when all the people around you are doing it! They say the best way to never do drugs is to keep them out of your environment completely.
  2. Know the 5 W’s that cause you to have a negative attitude. It’ll make you more knowledgeable about what all to look out for. Who causes you to have a bad attitude? What causes it? Where does it happen? When do you get your tude (attitude)? Last but not least, Why?
  3. Set a game plan for how you’re going to change your entire thinking to a more positive mindset. You’ll have better results if you set a plan with steps for success. Preparation is so important. If you just try to wing it, it’s likely that you’ll forget about your attitude. People are busy so sometimes you just forget things!
  4. Let stuff go and don’t let stuff bother you so much. In the end most of the tiny things that used to piss me off wouldn’t even matter! Once I realized what was bothering me, I took a step back and stopped letting that happen to me. I know there will be things that make you mad but you need to just let them go. Don’t hold on to them. Walk away and clear your head if you have to!
  5. Think positive thoughts. Whenever I’m feeling frustrated I think of something positive. I know it seems cheesy but it helps a ton. I tend to lean on memories of loved ones or pets. Puppies will always put a smile on your face! It’s actually scientifically proven that when humans see puppies there’s a chemical in our brains, that release to make us happier. They’re called man’s best friend for a reason!
  6. Get your mind back on track. When you’re constantly thinking about negative things you have to get yourself back in the zone. What’s your reason why? Everyone has one. That reason you get out of bed every morning and go to work. That reason you go out there and work your ass off all day. Think of why you do it and you’ll be more likely to refocus yourself. Writing your goals down is a huge help.
  7. Change is great! You need to embrace it. If you have a negative tude and never do anything to change it, your attitude will never improve. Sometimes people think they don’t need to change their attitude. Get a couple of opinions from people that you are associated with. It might be a friend, family member, coworker, classmate, etc. Just see if people think you’re positive or not. Make sure that you get honest feedback!

Overall, attitude is everything. If you follow these steps you’ll start seeing some major progress on changing your mindset. No one likes being around a negative person so don’t be that person! Nothing is more unpleasant. I have known some wonderful people that are super negative. Negativity is so powerful that it outweighed all the positive attributes about those people. You’ll be happier. It is not easy, but don’t give up just because you’re not seeing instant progress. Hold yourself accountable! Set goals for yourself with deadlines and follow through with them! I’m right there with you on the quest to have the most positive attitude! We got this!

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Be great,

Cody Cameron