Hard work is essential for a successful life. Constantly working hard is one of the most difficult things to do. I am not sure how some of these people do it. I am continuously focusing on working hard and consider myself a very hard worker. Sometimes I get so burnt out and crash. It is extremely difficult to balance. I get inspired because many people have it figured out so that just goes to show you that it is not impossible. The biggest common denominator I see, is consistency, in working hard.

I see the value, in working my ass off. I pride myself in being the hardest worker, at my company. It is a smaller company, so I know I can achieve more. I am in the process of figuring out how I can fly higher. If you are at the ceiling, in your company, try to look to see new opportunities, if you know you can go higher. For me, I am determined to start a business, of my own, from the ground. I am planning on continuing my path of entrepreneurship but I know the most important ingredient to my success will be my work ethic.

One of the Hardest Working People Today

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is one of my all time idols. He is the epitome of a hard worker. His day starts at 430am. It is incredible how meticulous he is with his workout plans, diet, schedule with acting, branding, etc. He has had low points, in his life, where he had $7 to his name and now he is one of the top producing actors, in Hollywood. How awesome is that?! Came from nothing and made a name for himself.

When he ended his career, in wrestling, he took up acting. He never let any haters deter him, from his path. The Rock kept consistently working hard until finally making it. It is a very inspiring story if you ever have a chance to look him up. Also, he is a class act

Tips to Working Harder

I have a ton of experience with working hard. Being in football, in college, developed a great work ethic for me. I was up at 545am and didn’t get back to my place until after 7pm. Football had me going non-stop all day. The most difficult part to manage was being constantly exhausted and sore from football. It was brutal most days but it made me a stronger individual. Here are some tips I learned that helped me along the way:

  1. Wake up early. Getting up early allowed me to fill my day more.
  2. Workout often. This keeps your energy high when you need it the most. It will allow you to persist longer and at higher levels.
  3. Eat healthier. I’m not the cleanest eater but I am very conscious about what I put, in my body. Pizza is my kryptonite for this! But eating healthy will give you more sustainable energy throughout the day.
  4. Get enough sleep. Sleep is so important with making sure you are well rested for the day. I get at least 6 hours of sleep.
  5. Cut out or minimize time wasters. I talk about this in my post, about overcoming inconsistency. You will need to cut back on the amounts of TV, video games, Netflix, etc. to fill it with things that will benefit your physical and mental health.
  6. Go all in. More on that here.
  7. Fill your schedule. Having your schedule open will most likely mean you will do something unproductive. Keep yourself busy at all times.
  8. Do something to progress towards your life goals every day. If you haven’t gotten one step closer to your goals, after a day, it was a wasted day. Every day you waste is one that you will never get back. Time is very precious because you can get more money but you can never get more time. Use it wisely.
  9. Compete like crazy. Get out there and compete. It will drive you to work harder. If you are competing to dominate you need to be at the top of your game. You will be forced to work harder if you wish to dominate.
  10. Don’t settle. Always want more. The second you settle you will be passed up by someone working harder than you.
  11. Set goals for yourself and stick to them. Develop a game plan on how you plan to hit those goals.
  12. “Be the hardest working person in the room.” Dwayne Johnson said that but it’s true. If you are not the hardest working person, in the room, then outwork that person. If you outwork everyone, in the room, you will find success.
  13. Keep grinding. Even when you are tired, beat down, exhausted, sore, defeated, over it, etc. keep busting your ass.
  14. Never give up. Many people are going to give up on you throughout your life but never give up on yourself.

I am not perfect, with these tips by any means, but I am always working on them. I am super competitive and seek to dominate in everything I do. These tips will help you get ahead in life. You will be happier, prouder of yourself, more successful, and make more money. Stay true to your goals and you can do great things!

Please comment your thoughts on my tips for success! I would love to hear your feedback.

Keep outworking yesterday’s self.