The greats are driven. Drive is one of my favorite traits because you cannot replicate this. You can work hard but sustainability is associated with drive. If you are not a driven person you cannot sustain busting your ass! Drive equals success. The ones that are out there grinding from the time they wake are always ahead of the competition. If you are not a driven person you have to start turning that around. The exciting news is that anyone can have drive. Accountability will help you keep your drive.

I constantly see people around with a low drive. I do not understand this. I think salary/hourly jobs play into this a little bit since they’re not performance based but that’s a topic for another day. Lack of drive pains me internally when I see it. I worked with this girl that had the worst drive. She never wanted to do anything. She would always come into work hungover and didn’t seem to care about anything. The COO ended up firing her (shocker). I remember talking to her one day about why she didn’t care if we completed the store duties or not. She would always reply that she was busy or never had time. Ultimately, the tasks ended up falling, in my lap, but I didn’t mind. It taught me that sometimes you have to go outside your job duties to get the task done. Also, there are always going to be unmotivated people around you but you cannot let them affect your work ethic and drive!

For me, my drive started at a young age. I was always determined to do well with everything I did. Growing up, my parents never cared if I got good grades or not. I was constantly holding myself accountable to get my school work done and my studies. Now that I think about it, I do not know why I did this. I must have been pretty weird if I picked school work over video games or playing outside. Oh well it worked out in the end…

My drive amplified when I went to college. I played football, at ISU, and learned what true drive is. My schedule consisted of me getting up, at 5:45am, for my 6:30am workout and not getting home to my dorm till 7pm and not going to bed till 11pm because… well it’s college. It seemed like an eternity. I sustained that for 3 years too. Anyone that has never played a sport may think that it does not seem too bad; however, just remember that athletes (especially contact sport ones) are constantly tired and in pain. They go through their days completely exhausted. Don’t even get me started on the monstrous task of staying awake, in class!

Here are my 6 easy tips on how to stay driven:

  1. Write your goals down every day. No better way to keep your mind on track. You goals are why you do it. They are why you wake up everyday and put up with all the chaos, in life. So why not remind yourself of that every day? I can guarantee that if you say you just remember your goals that there is no way. Too much goes on in any given day.
  2. Workout. I struggle with this one with retail hours. I am actively working on improving how often I workout. If you workout more you feel better and have more energy. This is the energy and sustainability you need to stay driven.
  3. Get rid of time wasters. I love video games to no end. But I had to give them up. They are a black hole for productivity. My success was more important to me. Video games, Netflix, TV, social media, internet, etc. are all examples of things that can eat all your time. Cut back on these or give them up and you will fill that time, with more productive things. You can sharpen your skills or hone your craft. Don’t get me wrong there are people that make millions, of dollars, playing video games. This is more so for that person not wanting to play professionally or where there is no way to make more money.
  4. Cut out the drugs and alcohol. I have never done drugs but I know a bunch of people that do. Give up your addictions. Drugs and alcohol are bad news. They are terrible for your health and cause you to make bad decisions. I have friends that constantly give me grief for not drinking much anymore (I used to be a huge partier). I just don’t see the joy in spending every weekend binge drinking. I would rather focus on improving myself or doing things with loved ones that I’ll actually remember.
  5. Self-develop. I cannot stress how important it is to constantly be learning and sharpening your skills. That is how you become an expert at what you do.
  6. Play the Rocky song… or your favorite. That song always gets me pumped up! It is not my favorite but I always think of how hard Rocky was busting it so it makes me want to get out there and grind!

I’ve found that all of these increased my drive. These are some basic concepts that could increase your drive instantly and positively impact your life. The main reason people go back to these is because they are comfortable and familiar. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone! Embrace the change and bust your ass now for financial freedom, in the future!

Please comment below your thoughts! What is your definition of drive? Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I appreciate it!