All successful people are enthusiastic about what they do. They complete their day to day tasks with energy and can light up a room with their positivity. To me there’s nothing more captivating than someone that’s enthusiastic. They can easily capture the attention of the room and keep it. True enthusiasm cannot be faked. People can tell if you’re trying to fake it.

I always try to approach clients with enthusiasm. If your client’s not excited about your product or service their confidence levels will never be high enough to buy. Remember, sales is a game of increasing your client’s confidence in your product, yourself, and your company. These components are imperative to getting a deal. Notice that if you don’t get a deal it’s likely that your client’s confidence is not high in one of those. Enthusiasm in your product or service will come if you are passionate or “sold” on it. How can you sell people if you aren’t even sold yourself?! You’ll never reach your true capabilities if you aren’t even sold yourself.

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I think of enthusiasm as a battery. It needs to be recharged to give yourself life! I resort back to my reasons why to recharge mine. It’s a tactic to get your mind right. Your ‘reason why’ is that reason that you get out of bed every day and do what you do. Mine just so happens to be my girlfriend, my family, my friends and my goals. When I think of all my loved ones and my goals it gets me back to my purpose in life. When I played football we constantly talked about winning the championship. That ‘reason why’ allowed us to come together as a collective unit and get after that chip! These are all tactics to drive your enthusiasm about your purpose through the roof.

How to Increase Your Enthusiasm

Challenge yourself to be the most enthusiastic person you can be. Have energy about even the most menial tasks. A task means that you’re progressing. You should be pumped about those! My favorite part about enthusiasm is that it spreads like wildfire because it’s so contagious. Test it out and watch other people’s faces light up. In the sales process you should be enthusiastic from the greet all the way until the close and beyond (more on this and become a selling machine). This positive energy will benefit you and everyone around you.

I believe that in order to be genuinely enthusiastic, you need to be passionate about what you do. If you or others can’t boost your own confidence in your product or service, that may be an indication that you’re in the wrong profession. I was in food service for the longest time. I could never be proud of what I was doing. I would explain to friends and family where I was working, what I was doing and would almost be ashamed. That’s a huge indication that you need change! I could never be passionate about it. Everyone could tell just by my lack of enthusiasm and body language, you can’t fake it.

Take the puppy approach. What’s that you ask? Well if you would have read my previous post on how important attitude is for success, you would already know. It’s a scientific fact that puppies, and pictures or videos of puppies will uplift your spirit. If you’re feeling down about something just spend 5 minutes looking up some cute puppies, you’ll be good as new. I tell my team all the time that you have to be as enthusiastic as a puppy! They think I’m crazy but it’s true. Have you ever seen a puppy that’s down? They can capture the attention of any room, and put a smile on everyone’s face. i recommend you take this approach with everything you do. Make people happy and you’ll be wildly successful.

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Set yourself up for success. Pursue your passions so you can be 100% sold on what you’re doing! You won’t regret it. I spend all the time on these blog posts just so I can help people! I’m super passionate about being able to help and impact someone’s life. I love being able to help others just as others have helped me in the past. If I didn’t have people lifting me up, I would not be where I am today. I’m so grateful for that.

What are you enthusiastic about?

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