When it comes to closing the sale sometimes it’s best to get straight to the point. Getting straight to the point basically means finding out who the client wants to do business with. It’s that simple. If customers know what company, brand, cause, or person they want to do business with that’s pretty much all you need to know. The rest doesn’t matter as much. That’s the most important part of doing business. Consumers will even sacrifice going with a superior product or service just from the sole reason that they like the company, brand, cause, or person better. They start thinking…

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This closing technique is excellent with getting past the rational thinking that ties customers up from deciding to buy. It’s basically saying “if every little detail were the same, who would you want to do business with?” Finding this information out is imperative because if they don’t want to do business with you, that’s your problem. The great part about this is if the answer is your company or you, you basically have the green light to close the deal. Most the time all you have to do is add more value, negotiate, or match or come close to the offer and you’ll earn the business. If you need help being a master negotiator check out my post on it here.

Why this Closing Technique is so Powerful

People tend to confuse themselves when making decisions. It happens to the best of us. But overthinking is sure to kill any deal in business. This type of thinking is controlled by the frontal lobe of the brain where rational thinking occurs. It’s basically the brain trying to problem solve based on numbers, estimates, and memory. Now, rational thinking doesn’t lead to the best decision. The best decision comes from the limbic brain or the part of the brain that controls behavioral thinking.

Behavioral thinking reverts back to gut decisions. Gut decisions are the driving force for most decisions. It’s where you feel that you’re making the right call because it’s not based on numbers. These decisions are based on potential, people, causes, and most importantly strong reasons why.

Ultimately, this closing technique asks one simple question. It’s for your customer to stop thinking rationally and to listen to their gut. Once the customer does this they’ve pretty much made their decision. This gets your client past the numbers and reminds them of what is truly important. Most decisions based off numbers alone are not sustainable and typically resort to regret. You never want your client saying…

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This closing technique is a fantastic close but it’s an all in tactic. The truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. Keep in mind that if your customer would rather do business with the other business, brand, cause, or person then it’ll kill the deal. It wouldn’t have happened anyway.

You can increase the results of your customers picking you by giving them a top of the line customer experience and if you’re likable. Buyers care about the experience more these days. If you focus on giving them the best customer experience in your industry they’ll want to do business with you 99% of the time (I say 99% because sometimes people just don’t like you, find out more on why this happens here).

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If you’re not providing the best experience or worried to ask a question like this it shows that you need to work on that. That’s the number one reason why you’re losing deals. There are many things that add up before a sale can even happen. Not to worry because it’s something you can change. It’ll take a ton of work but it’s not impossible.

When to Use the Closing Technique

You’re going to want to ask a question like this later in your sales process. The timing is best when your client is throwing up objections or when they’re wanting to leave, sleep on it, think about it, or just struggling with deciding altogether. All you need to say is something like:

You: “Great idea (insert client’s name), now can I ask you one simple question and I want you to be brutally honest with me, does that work for you?”

Customer: “Yeah that’s fine.”

You: “Alright so if everything were the same between us, who would you rather do business with?”

Customer: “You.” (You need to earn an answer like this).

You: “Well I appreciate that! Now can I ask why?”

Customer: “**Answer varies**”

You: “Great, why else?”

You can keep doing that until they run out of reasons why they like you more. It’s awesome because the customer is selling them-self on why they like you more. Another great question to ask your customer after this is, “what kept you from buying from them?” or “why didn’t you take that offer from them?” This helps solidify that your customer didn’t do business with your competitor for a reason. Their gut was telling them that something was off and this intuition is normally right.

If you sell similar products, services, or packages all you have to do is get close to your competitor’s deal or match it (which isn’t an issue in most cases).

The challenge is when you sell different products, services, or packages. If this is the case your strategy needs to be adding value. You can do this by stating your competitive advantage, customer service perks, reason why, what you do that no one else can match, stack the deal, throw in extras or freebies, etc. These will all help you separate yourself from everyone enough to get the sale. Always remember to ask to buy after doing this! No ask, no sale. It’ll be taken away from you like soup from the Soup Nazi.

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This closing technique can turn you into a closing master! I’ve found it to be super effective and it gets your client’s head back to what really matters. Gut decisions that they know are the right call. Let this be a gateway for you to start closing more sales and overcoming more objections.

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