The if close is a timeless closing technique. It is a simple yet effective close that gets commitment. I always think of Olympic hurdle runners with this technique. Reason being, as the salesman, you hurdle over the objection that your client gives you. You acknowledge the objection with a question starting with the word ‘if.’ The phrasing would look something like “if I was able to waive your down payment, would you purchase today?” You overcome whatever objection your client throws at you by stating if we fix that are you going to buy. The last part is imperative because many people will not buy if you do not get this commitment. You are simultaneously asking for the sale.

Personally, I try to shy away from this close because it is very overplayed. When it gets deep, in the close, I will pull this card out and use it and close the deal. The key is not to overplay it throughout the interaction. Use it only if you see the close in your grasps. It is great when there is that one objection that keeps hanging up the deal.

Recently, I helped this client looking at a large ticket. They were purchasing a very expensive living room set and dining room. It was around $7k for the total ticket. The guy brought up how he didn’t like having to pay for delivery 3 or 4 times. At that point, I knew this was a major objection. After going back and forth a few times I finally stated “if I cover the cost of this delivery charge will you buy this right now?” He said yes and the deal was done. Use this technique deep in the close to overcome that final objection and get the sale.

What Can I Use this Close On?

Most salespeople think you can only use this technique on pricing. When someone shoots out a price and they use the tactic to try and close the deal. There are many objections that you can use this technique on. If you think outside the box this close can be used for a lot. You can use it for the following objections (these are just a few there are definitely more):

  • Price objection
  • Delivery objection
  • Time frame objection
  • Payment objection
  • Down payment objection
  • Inventory objection
  • Special accommodation objection
  • At home scenarios (does not have to be only for sales)
  • Use it on your boss/coworkers

The If Close is Everywhere

You may not have ever noticed this, in your daily routine, but this close is all over the place. Kids use it all the time. They may be told to do a chore or clean their room and then they answer with “if I clean my room then can I go play with my friends?” My girlfriend and I use it on each other all the time. If one of us has to do something that we don’t want to do we will do it and use the if close. The most common one goes like “I’ll cook dinner tonight only if you clean up after dinner.” Works every time.

Think of the close as a task for a reward. You give the person what they want and in turn get a reward. I feel this is commonly used because we all like rewards (it is actually programmed, in our brains, more on that here). We don’t want deals to be one sided. Always ask for the sale and what you need on your end of the bargain to make it work! Quick reminder that sales is all about meeting, in the middle. Just think back to that Zedd and Maren Morris song, The Middle. So, more times than not, you do not need to get to the exact demand. That is why there are negotiations. It has to be a fair deal on both ends.

Salespeople tend to forget about this when they are narrow sited on getting the deal done! Increase the value, create a need, and solve your client’s problem and they will pay any price!

What do you think of this closing technique? Practice more meeting, in the middle, and you will be surprised, of the results!

Happy selling!