Have you ever wondered why we make impulse buys? One of the main reasons is urgency! Or because you really needed that 15th Starbucks cup or that Snuggie… well, whatever the true reason urgency plays a major role. Urgency is defined as the importance requiring a swift action. There are reasons that cause us to make these swift decisions.

Our job as sales assassins is to use or add urgency to help us close more sales. If urgency is used right it can be deadly and make you a ton of money. That’s why it’s so important to master it. Having more insight on it will give you a better understanding of when and how to properly use it. Not only that but you can use urgency a couple different ways throughout the sales process. Incorporating urgency into the buying cycle will set off alarms in your client’s brain. It is an effective technique to get people to decide now.

5 Killer Ways to Use Urgency

  1. Scarcity of inventory. If something is the last one or only one of its kind it makes people want it more. Some people even get possessive if it’s the last one. Having 10 left of a product creates no urgency. Having 1 left? Now that’s a different story! You can say something like “Great news! We have one _______ left! Want to go ahead and purchase it?” Sometimes this will be enough to close the deal. If it’s not you have to go deep and ask if your client would be heartbroken if they came back and it was gone. You may get a rebuttal along the lines of “well if it wasn’t meant to be then it wasn’t meant to be.” I found it to be very effective to say “if we are going off that then us having one left just for you is the perfect sign! Want to go ahead and do it anyway?” Give it a shot, your clients won’t know what hit them!
  2. Adding a timeline. Timeline is probably the most used way to create urgency. It may be the ending of a sale, promo, freebie, etc. Break down why your clients need to be urgent. You can say something like “(client’s name), deciding now vs. next week is the difference of $500 on the bottom line. Would you rather pay that $500 or just go ahead and do it? I mean you like the ______ don’t you?” You apply the pressure so they get the benefit!
  3. No better price.  I learned this from a guy I worked with named Joe and he was a killer with it. This sale works well on any given day and with any sale. All he would say is something like “Guys, this is it. I cannot get you a better price than right now. My manager is working special deals. We are at (insert deal, package, or price you are at), what would get you guys to pull the trigger right now?” He found huge success with this and it’s a hard close for sure, but it creates excitement and urgency. Keep in mind this requires room for negotiating.
  4. The takeaway.  This is where you can take away something that your client will miss out on. An example of this could include anything from a “right now price,” a perk or any service that the guest won’t get if they don’t buy NOW.
  5. Regret or loss. Humans fear loss and will avoid it at all costs. This is the inverse of the take-away, where you add on all of the potential purchases now to avoid possible loss later. I talk about it in my post here. Sometimes painting a negative picture get’s the point across with urgency. For instance, in the furniture business, I would often experience people holding off on certain items of a set. Sometimes when they would come back to complete that set it would be discontinued or no longer on sale. Save your customer from that hassle. Your goal is to always provide solutions to problems more on why here.

What to Watch Out For

People can sense bullshit a mile away. I have seen the urgency close blow up when not used correctly like fireworks on the 4th of July. That’s the true American dream right there… But in all seriousness if you go to each client and hit them with a now or never price you will most likely fail. Remember that getting someone to buy isn’t about the price it’s about the perceived value in whatever you are selling.

Using the takeaway approach is sometimes a scorched Earth strategy. What that means is if your client decides not to do the ‘now only’ price it’s unlikely they come back. Sometimes you push away business that just needs a little more time in their decision making process. Always remember to build the connection first, that way if they’re set on waiting, they know you cared enough to listen.

For more help on closing techniques check out some of my favorite techniques here, here, or here. You should have an arsenal of closes ready to be used at any moment! It’ll help you to close more sales.

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Go now and be assassins with the close!

Cody Cameron