Crabs are some malicious little creatures. If there are crabs, in a bucket, and one tries to escape the other crabs will literally grab on, to the absconding crab, and pull it back down. They rip all the hopes and dreams that the brave little crab had away.This vicious cycle continues, in a pattern, that prevents any crab from breaking free. Initially, I heard about this concept from a friend and I couldn’t believe it. I had to look it up and witness it for myself. In the end, he was right because I found a few videos and articles on it. In regards to humans, the phrase of ‘crabs in a bucket’ refers to friends, family, coworkers, etc. dragging down someone that is trying to go against the grain.

Consequently, there are two reasons I can think of that people would do this. First, you would hate to see that person make it. Someone that had the courage to chase after their dreams? The nerve. Second, someone is close to this person and fears them failing. Doing nothing to me is worse than failing. Why would you not get after your success just because someone told you not to?! Does their opinion really matter if you know you can accomplish it? If you believe that you can do it then go and make it happen. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes another voice of reason is phenomenal; however, you shouldn’t get advice from someone that has never done something. That is like getting financial advice from someone with no money… it makes no cents (ha! get it?!)

We have to let our better judgement take effect. Go against the status quo. That is how all of the greats came to be. Don’t get discouraged from those dragging you down. Understand that some people may not know they are dragging you down. Just communicate that you have your mind made up and the only involvement you want is positive encouragement or none at all. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings and if they persist then put your foot down.

I am a person with high goals for myself. Unfortunately, I was experiencing this phenomenon from people I knew. What I did was take myself out, of the equation, when they wouldn’t stop trying to drag me down. Luckily, it allowed me to get back to my goals. I didn’t have that voice, of doubt, in the back of my mind. I kept my thinking on what I needed to do to achieve my game plan and goals. Also, I try to be actively aware not to shoot people’s ideas down. Crab in a bucket mentality is something that I am trying to avoid! No one wants to be referred to as the person that drags everyone down. Instead, lift people up and give them praise and encouragement. It will make them and yourself feel awesome!

Finally, if you want to see crabs, in a bucket, in action, checkout twitter. The internet blows up with negativity when something big happens. All the internet hate is a large scale version of this. I see it a lot with celebrities that people don’t like. Watch what you post, on the internet, because hiding behind a keyboard never does any justice.

The sales profession experiences this all the time. There is always that one or two salespeople that don’t produce that try and bring everyone down. They may attempt to bring down your mood, or spirits, or hopes and dreams. Cancel out the naysayers. If you are experiencing negativity do not allow it to continue! The more you listen to negativity the more you will start turning negative yourself. I have seem super positive people turn into tainted negative people.

I laugh, at this concept, every time I hear it. It is a simple story with a very powerful moral and a touch of humor. Look out for this and I guarantee you will see it around you. Bring up someone doing something, out of the norm, at work, and watch the crabs drag that person down. Don’t be a crab and don’t have a crab mentality. There is plenty of success to go around! Help that person, out of the bucket, and when they are out ask them to lift you out as well. Team work will always be more effective.

Have you seen or experienced this concept? How do you handle when people try and drag you down?

Don’t be a crab, in a bucket!