Think about it. Everything you do in your daily life reverts back to sales. Everyone on this planet is a sales person whether they want to be or not. Have you ever sold any of your possessions? Have you ever tried to get someone to see your point of view? Have you ever tried to get your crush to fall in love with you? Have you ever asked your boss for a raise? You have to sell in those moments. Honing your sales skills will allow you to be more successful and get what you want in life. That’s why I’m so passionate about sales and helping people better their sales skills. Sales is in our blood. You can’t avoid it. So why not embrace it?! I’ll tell you why… because somewhere along your life you encountered an unethical salesperson or negative opinion.

This may’ve been someone that screwed you over on a deal. Maybe it was a friend or loved one that you trusted that took advantage of you for their own selfish gain. It might’ve been your local car salesman that lied about something. You might not have even encountered a negative experience but had a friend or family member tell you to never trust sales people. Whatever it was you need to let that go. You have to trust again. A true sales professional will always be ethical! You don’t have to let these dictate future experiences with sales people.

I always love this example because people seem to relate to it most…. You wouldn’t give up on dating because your first love failed… Would you? I know what you are thinking… Cody I did do that! Maybe temporarily. In the end, you got back up on that horse and found the right person for you (or maybe you’re still in search of that person). But the key is you can’t let that shitty boyfriend/girlfriend you had in the past destroy your future relationships! All of you future relationships will fail if you can’t let those past experiences go. So embrace sales! It’s a great profession and a wonderful way to get ahead in life. To get what you want. To accomplish your goals. To be happy. To find success.

Now take a moment going forward and look around you. Do you notice all these sales transactions? It might be a salesman that shows up at your doorstep to try to get you to buy their product? Maybe it’s your loved one trying to convince you to visit their parents as the weekend plans? It could be your friend trying to give them a deal on the product you sell? Whatever the case may be. Look out for it!

I seem to notice people or businesses sales techniques the most online. I’m constantly noticing ads on my social media, advertising banners, product placements, commercials, as well as the oh so clever product/name drop in articles. You’ll see that there’s constantly someone trying to sell you something. The second you realize it’s when you can truly understand the concept of it.

Have you ever realize why someone like Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time? BTW if you don’t admit this you’re just stubborn… or maybe you’re a dolphins fan or something.

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It’s because Tom Brady has a complete understanding of all aspects of the game! He isn’t the most talented. He’s not the smartest. Certainly not the fastest. He isn’t the biggest. None of those, but Tom understands everything there is to know about offense. He turns average talent into Super Bowl champions. Think of the adversity he has faced where he could have thrown in the towel. Instead, he quit making bullshit excuses and made the most of the cards he was dealt. You too can turn the average hand you were dealt into a dynasty of success. It takes commitment, hard-work, enthusiasm, confidence, a can-do attitude, and some STONES (or LADY STONES)!

So, I challenge you to know all that you can about this concept of sales! I guarantee that you will be able to get so much farther in life; so much faster than you thought. Personally, I cannot get enough of it. I wish I understood the importance of sales sooner. I am 25 and have been learning about it non-stop for about a year now. If only I started when I was 18! But that just means that I have some catching up to do. You may have some too… but it’s never too late (and that goes for everything in life).

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Be great,

Cody Cameron