Interviewing is an art form. Your effectiveness, in the interview, can determine your future. The goal is to wow the interviewer, in the finite amount of time. If you ace the interview, it could mean you get the job, get paid more money, better benefits, and potentially a higher role. Preparation is important to ensure that you are ready to go for any questions you are asked. These questions could be about yourself, goals, reasons for leaving, the company, etc. Any accidental red flag will be sure to kill the interview and all hopes of getting your dream job.

How to Stand Out in the Interview

The interview is not about you. I repeat, the interview is not about you. Yes, they ask you questions about you and about your history; however, that is for the company to figure out if you will be a great fit or not, not for you. Most people go in talking me, me, me. Quit doing that! It is killing your interview and you may not even realize it.

Think of the interview, as a sale. You are the perfect product, for the company. All you have to do is convey that message to them and get them sold on you. If you leave the interview without the job, you failed. Press for the job, while you are in the interview, so you can properly handle any objections.

The easiest way to get the company sold on you is to find the problem and explain how you are the solution. Questions will make you stand out and the right ones at that. You can find the pain with the right questions. Figure out why they are hiring, if they could describe their perfect candidate, their goals, where they are trying to take the company, how this role impacts the business, etc. Once you find the problem, you need too explain your strengths, in a way, that solves that problem.

For instance, don’t just ramble on about every strength and benefit that you have. You can’t pinpoint the pain with this strategy. Instead, if you figure out their ideal candidate, you can strategically talk your strength to fill the need. For example, if you are applying for a sales role and they say they are looking for people that can sell big tickets then talk up how you are great at big tickets. You don’t want to keep touching on how great you are, at customer service issues, if that isn’t what they are looking for.

This strategy impresses your interview to no end. You stand out because you show that you care about the problem the company is trying to solve. You will end up making more money with this strategy as well. Everything is negotiable. Everything. So if the company believes you are the perfect fit for them, they will pay more. You just need to ask for more! Stick to what you are worth. Be willing to walk and they will know you mean business.

Pointers on How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Most people do not know how to handle themselves, in the interview. We let our nerves get the best of us (we’re human, it happens). Here are pointers on how to be an assassin, in your next interview:

  1. Smile. Smile as much as you can during the interview. An infectious smile is one of your most powerful assets.
  2. Look professional and presentable. No jeans. Dress to impress. Look good, interview good. This will boost your confidence as well.
  3. Have a firm handshake. Nothing worse than a dead fish handshake. If you ever give these handshakes, I want you to slap yourself because you should be ashamed! Get that weak shit out of here.
  4. Bring a few resumes (just in case). I don’t believe in resumes because I believe that it is not about what you did, in the past. It is about what you will do for me now or in the future. That being said, some employers will not pass you along if you don’t have a resume. Make sure you have a couple to give to multiple interviewers.
  5. Sit up straight and watch your body language. Refrain yourself from slouching or crossing your arms. Body language can turn people off so watch out for it.
  6. Maintain eye contact throughout the whole interview. Lack of eye contact shows that you are not confident, in yourself, and that you are hiding something.
  7. Listen to everything the interviewer is telling you. It is important. Nothing is more frustrating when I interview someone and they don’t pay attention. If it helps you, take notes. Stay in the conversation and quit thinking about how awesome Game of Thrones is going to be when it comes out, in 2 years (THE ANTICIPATION IS FREAKING KILLING ME).
  8. Take notes. Jot down all of the important information you are getting. It is best to get all of your thoughts on paper to ensure that you don’t forget about them. Once you have done this you can make a logical decision to determine if this is the right fit for you or not.
  9. Find the pain and keep poking it. You need to convey how you are the perfect solution!
  10. Do your research. Know about the company, their earnings, products/services, history, culture, etc. So you show that you have taken your valuable free time to prepare.
  11. Ask for more money! If you are the perfect solution, they will pay more for you. If someone is low balling you, an assassin statement would look something like “The base pay seems low. I was thinking something more like _______. Since your company does (dollar amount in revenue), you wouldn’t let that pay difference stop you from getting the perfect person for this position, would you?” You’ll drop jaws with that or at least put a smile, on their face, because they know you mean business. Always, Always, Always ask for more money!
  12. Ask a lot of questions. Remember, you need to figure out if this will be a good fit for you as well. No point in taking a job you are going to hate anyway. It’s like dating.
  13. Don’t fall for the pie in the sky. Employers will offer you the pie in the sky. Don’t fall for it. Snap back to reality and figure out what is real. I hate those jobs that promise $250k. Then, in the fine print, it states that’s if you get promoted to CEO after being with the company 20 years you can make that… Get that out of here. What’s realistic? What’s attainable? What’s guaranteed?
  14. Ask for the sale. You need to ask if you can have the job. If they say, “well I have to get approval from ______.” Overcome the objection by getting that person sold. You can do this by asking “Great. Hey let me ask you, if you were able to make the decision right now, would you give me the job?” Start to test the waters to see if they are sold on you or not. If there is any bit of hesitation they aren’t sold. Then you will need to do a littler overtime work. Once you get them sold, set up the next appointment while you are there. Instead of them reaching out just see what their schedule is like right now.
  15. Fish to see if there are any objections. If they don’t hire you on the spot you can ask “since you are going to continue to interview, what else are you wanting that you are hoping to find in another candidate?” They may be honest and state something about more experience. Then you know that is a true objection and can overcome it (check out the easiest ways to overcome objections here). Remember experience doesn’t matter it’s all about what you do now and in the future, not the past! So don’t get discouraged if you hear this.
  16. Get information to follow up with. Follow up with a thank you text right after you leave. You can express how excited you are and that you cannot wait to hear back.
  17. Thank them for their time. Their time is super important so be gracious of that! Do it at the start of the interview and at the end.
  18. Be enthusiastic as hell (check out why here).

These steps are all there to get you to stand out, in the interview. Follow them and you will start wowing your interviewers! People are looking for that diamond in the rough. I know you can prove it to them. Get after your dream job and improve your future!

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Go for the jugular in those interviews! You can do it!