So there you are deep, in the close. You are nervous and you want to get the deal done. Then, out of nowhere the client hits you with a dreaded objection. Now you are scrambling and have to go on the defensive to save the deal. You want to ask more questions to save the deal but you are worried you will offend the client or scare them off. Since you are off guard, you either mutter an attempt to overcome the objection or worse give up and end the interaction. Yes, defense wins championships but a strong offense is more likely to give you the edge. I am a firm believer that the easiest way to overcome objections is to beat your client to them.

I always think of NFL pass rushers when I think of this concept and especially J.J. Watt. Dude is an animal. A freak of nature. Quarterbacks literally fear going up against that guy. I would too. He’s 290lbs and runs a 4.8 40 yd time… deadly. If you get after the quarterback and provide pressure they go on the defensive. You throw them off their game. That same concept can be used for sales. If you are providing pressure you will make diamonds!

Why You Should Beat Clients to the Objection

Think about it, how impressed would your client be if you were on the same page with them and you even addressed their objections, before they brought them up? People love it. You address the elephant, in the room. The key is to start and fish out all of these objections that kill the deal. You can ask who the decision maker is, when the decision will occur, when they were needing their product or service, etc.

More importantly, when you beat a client to their objection you put them on the defensive. When you are casual about this approach, you get more honest answers. In the retail business, the most common objection you hear is “I’m just looking.” The best way to combat that, in your greeting, is to ask “would you like to look around.” You always get a yes to that question (if you want to perfect your greeting check this out).

I found success in this when I worked, in furniture. I used to get killed with the measurement objection. I combated this by making sure I took all my clients to one of our biggest options. I would then casually ask if they think it would fit in their space. The honest answers ensued. I was able to address true measurement objections right then and there. Also, if it would fit the client wouldn’t be able to use that smokescreen, as an excuse to leave. It took one more bullet out of their gun. I was pre-closing the client without them even noticing. The best sales assassins are always closing.

Some Important Aspects to Remember About Objections

You have to realize and remember that most first objections are smokescreens. They are only there to cover up the real objections. It is up to us, as sales assassins, to dive deep and uncover that real objection.

There are 4 main reasons why people do not buy. If you are not hearing one of these objections then you are probably getting a smokescreen or fake objection. Remember, there may be some one offs but these are the main reasons:

  1. Wrong Product. You may be on the wrong product all together. Sometimes we get so excited, in pitching a product/service, that our clients don’t want to break the news to us that they think it’s horrible and that they would never buy the product or service. Asking the right questions will determine if the product or service is right for your client.
  2. Not the decision maker. You have to get in front of the decision maker. Be careful not to let people fool you on them being the decision maker or not being the decision maker (it happens). Find out who has the final say in the decision and who else needs to weigh in, in order to make the decision.
  3. Money. You may have found the right product but the person cannot afford it. Don’t let this stop you. You should always be looking for solutions, to the problem (more on that here).
  4. Not confident in the salesperson or company. Trust needs to be built up, in the sales process. Your client may love everything you’re saying but just hate you or your company. The great news is you can build this up and people are likely to give you second chances, if they got burnt, by your company, in the past.

How to Handle the Early Objections and Smokescreens

Clients like to play hard to get. You have to work for the sale. Most of the time, a client will hit you with an objection early, in the interaction. Don’t panic but be prepared to address them. The key is to stay on track for the end game… the close. So hear the objection and understand it so you can address it. Never make your client in the wrong. Instead agree and test the waters to see if they are playing hard to get or not.

One of my favorite examples is when clients say “I’m not buying today” or “I need to shop around.” I always follow that up with “I understand (always agree), now would that stop you from buying your ideal ________ today?” What this does is tests to see if they will buy their ideal product or service. You would be surprised how many people respond with no. If you get a no, then that is a green light to sell them! All you have to do is find the right product or service. So know your inventory.

Then, if you get someone trying to leave after finding the right product, you can go on the offensive. You can say “Now, (customer name), I did ask you earlier if you would buy if you found your ideal _______ and you said yes. So did I not find your ideal _______ or was there something else holding you back from purchasing?” This is where you get deep, in the close, and start to uncover the real objection. If they swear the product or service is right, then refer to the 3 remaining reasons why people don’t buy. Knock them out one by one.

You will be more likely to close if you set yourself up for success. Set yourself up for success by beating your client to the objections. Then, they won’t be able to use the smokescreens and will be more inclined to give you honest answers. It is important to remember not to challenge your client or make them wrong. That is not the point because that will just add gasoline to fire. Be casual about it and always have a smile, on your face. People buy from people that they like and trust. Use these helpful tools to close more deals.

Please comment below: How can you apply this post to make you more successful, in your job and life? What was your favorite learn from the post?

Happy selling and glide through those objections like butter!