Agreeability is your number one negotiation tactic. I don’t think people understand how deadly disagreeing with someone is. I mean talk about writing your own death sentence! You should always agree with people. Yes even if you disagree. This is an extremely difficult concept to understand. What does disagreeing do most of the time? Piss people off? Throw gas on a fire? Pretty much. No one likes being disagreed with or being told they are wrong. Even if they find out that they are wrong there is a build up of animosity and resentment because their pride was hurt. It happens. You must avoid doing this at all costs.

Have you heard the saying “the customer is always right?” I am not sure whoever started that saying but I know it has been around forever. I think the premise is on point with this concept but the customer isn’t right all the time. Sometimes the facts may be skewed or the reality may be off. Now, what is true with this scenario is the customer thinks they are right. In the customer’s mind and in their reality they think they are right. Most of the time, if the customer is wrong, it is merely a miscommunication. It is up to us to give them all the facts and bring them back to the truth.

How This Works

This concept can work for any situation of disagreement. What agreeing does is acknowledge their point of view. You are basically saying that you understand where they are coming from. You don’t lie in these situations because that would be unethical. Typically, agreeing with someone either diffuses the bomb or prevents it from ever happening. People don’t really put up a fight when you see their point of view or if you are agreeing. What’s there to fight about at that point?

If you have a different point of view you can start off by agreeing and understanding. Next, you can follow it up by stating what you are going to do or what your point of view is. Most of the time it is all about getting the person to understand the flip side. Typically, there will be either some sort of agreement towards one side or even a compromise between both sides.

Agreeing has one very valuable benefit that will pertain to you gaining grounding and finding success with negotiations. That benefit is the power of that person listening and being open. It’s almost like they have more understanding towards your side and are more accepting of it. It doesn’t become a battle of right and wrong. It almost becomes a team effort with both sides working towards a common goal. Teams are always more effective.

Where Agreeing Can Be Used

You can use the power of agreeability for anything. Pretty much anywhere there is disagreement or when you are negotiating/trying to get your way. Here are a few scenarios where it can be used in:

  • Angry customer situations. Super effective with defusing angry clients. You start off by agreeing and moving into problem solving.
  • Overcoming objections. Agree with whatever the objection is and then work to overcome it. You don’t want to insult people by disagreeing with their concerns. That will kill a deal almost instantly. For instance, disagreeing with a price objection will only close your client up and hurt their pride. Instead agree that the price is high and state that is why most your clients sign up for your financing. Don’t forget the easiest way to overcome objections here.
  • Getting your point of view across. It can be effective to even have people see your point of view or side of the argument. Who knows they might even change their point of view since people will be more likely to listen to it.
  • To get your way. I don’t want you to take this one the wrong way. This is effective with compromising. You start by agreeing with the other person and then put out there what you would like to see or do. For example, you can agree to give a certain discount but only if the client gets that item they were thinking about taking off (subtle use of the ‘If Close’ more on that here). Now, with this the customer gets their way and you get yours.
  • With relationships. You can use this all the time with loved ones. I use it for compromising with plans all the time. For instance, if my girlfriend wants to watch The Office for the 57th time I start by agreeing how that would be an awesome idea and how I love The Office. Next, I follow it up with something I would be more in the mood for like a comedic movie. Then, I hope and pray that she wants to do that!

All of these tactics are going to increase your negotiation skills. This is not going to guarantee you get your way every single time. It will only increase your win to loss ratio. You will still lose some battles but the key is to negotiate more and become more successful at it. This is a strategy that can make you very successful and help you make a ton of money. Master this strategy and be an all time great at negotiations. Only then will you be closer to being a sales assassin!

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Go now and be agreeable! You will become more successful if you do so.

-Cody Cameron