Customer connection might be the most important part of the sales cycle. The sales cycle will live and die with connecting with your client. No connection equals no sale. The goal needs to be to connect with your customer any way possible. People buy from people that they like. You will be more likeable if you are connecting with your customer instead of blowing them off. Customers want a great experience. Today’s society is aiming for a good cause and a pleasant experience. Also, don’t just seem like you are trying to get at their money. That is the easiest way to turn a customer off. The goal is to get the sale but you have to do it the right way. Doing it the right way to takes hard work and more time. The payoff is well worth the time invested.

There are a couple of important things to understand with connecting with your client. First, the customer should be talking the majority of the time. Second, connecting means understanding the reason why the client is in the market while getting to know the client on a personal level. Third, you should find a good mix of business and non-business related conversations (focus on non-business close to 50% of the time). Fourth, listen and be genuine. You are asking questions for a reason so don’t be disrespectful by seeming uninterested. Fifth, you can talk about yourself when there are common topics of conversation. For example, if your client is talking about how they love their dog, you can chime in talking about yours to be relatable. Psychologically, you will become more likable if you have similarities with the client so be sure to mention them when they arise!

Why Connecting with Your Client is so Important

I know I touched on this earlier but I want to drive home the importance. People want a fantastic experience. They will pay more for a better experience. Don’t get me wrong people want a fair price but they shop for the experience. So quit focusing on money and getting the best deals. Focus on providing the best possible experience and your clients will value it more. If I am between two places for a product and they are similar but one salesperson provided me an excellent experience, I will go there every single time. Most people are the same way.

Sales is all about building trust. Customer want to know they are making a great decision and that they can trust you to consult them. This is all doable but it takes hard work and persistence. No trust equals no transaction. Our jobs are to boost the client’s confidence in our product/service, company, and ourselves as sales people. Trust can be built by asking questions, working for your client, working with them, and looking out for their best interest. If you are not authentic your clients will sense it a mile away.

Connecting with your clients will show that you care about them and their buying decision. If you do not care about your clients you are in the wrong profession. It is unethical to sell someone something that they will not need or have no use for. That being said, if you truly care about your client they will sense that and respect it. Not only that, you will stand out with all of the competition because most salespeople could care less about the customer. Make it your duty to fully understand the client and recommend them the right product. If you have done your job right you will get the sale. Just make sure you ask for it! For help with closing check out my 17 closing tips to get you more sales.

Ways to Connect with Your Client

There are a few effective ways to connect with a client. If you struggle with this concept do not stress about it. Once you get the hang of it is will be very simple. The goal is to find out important information about the client. This information can include their needs, wants, problems, vision, reason why, etc. Being enthusiastic along with asking the right questions can get you to connect with the most standoffish clients (for tips on how to connect with standoffish clients check this out). Once you crack a few of these tough cookies you’ll be more comfortable with them and more effective.

Get the client talking about themselves. People love talking about their passions, accomplishments, kids, pets, plans, news, etc. so hone in on that! Remember the goal is to get the client talking. The easiest way to do so is to ask questions about those various topics. Listen carefully and gather all the data you can. Actively engage with the client and maintain eye contact and positive body language. People will open right up to you.

State your reason or goal for helping or calling the client. Remember that people need to understand the whys behind your actions! It is super effective to start off a sales interaction with your goal and intentions. Be upfront and set the tone right when you meet someone. Before, stating your goal you will have to find out the client’s problem. After discovering that, stating your goal would look something like “I understand you are here to replace your _________. Just so you are aware, my goal is to help you find the perfect replacement for your ________ to help fix your _____ issue and to get you set up with that ________ today to help save you time and money (assuming there’s a sale of some sort).”

Overall, connecting with your client will mean better interactions, customer experiences, more sales, higher tickets, and more money for you. Hold yourself accountable and persist even on a tough day or client. Fully understand the importance with connecting with your clients because if you don’t you will be less likely to follow through.

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