One simple question that can cause you to breakthrough to a whole new world of thinking. Why. The. Fuck. You? Just sit there and think about that for a minute.

The importance of this question is similar to how important food is to us. Without the constant consumption of it, we die a slow miserable death. Too much, and it slows down our actions which doesn’t help anyone. You can ask yourself this question for most scenarios in life like why someone should do business with you, be in a relationship with you, take your advice, etc.

You can also ask yourself this question in reverse too like “why the fuck should I buy your product from you?” It’s nice because it works both ways and makes you think to a molecular level. More importantly is helps you wade past the bullshit to get to the truth and what’s really important. Don’t worry you CAN handle it!

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Good Question, Why Me?

A lot of you may be stumped and trying to think of reasons why someone should decide to pick you. I want to help you with your thinking on this because most people don’t focus on what’s really important. This is especially important in today’s day and age with the internet and vast amounts of competition. So let’s get this right the first time.

I always see the best results with this question when people determine what their competitive advantage is. That’s basically what separates you from all the rest of the competition. Don’t get discouraged from this because each and every person and business is unique. So there’s got to be something you just have to find it.

A great reason that separates you from everyone else is your ‘reason why.’ It’s that one thing that gets you out of bed each and every day. The reason you don’t just give up each time you face adversity. If you don’t know this find it out and fast. Make sure it’s your true cause and not fake. Someone will be able to tell if you’re being genuine or not. Be real and quit caring what people think. If you’re not compatible then it’s better to find that our earlier rather than later. It would’ve fallen apart eventually anyway.

If you need help finding your reason why try this out. Ask yourself why 4-6 times and you’ll typically get your true reason why. For example let’s say someone’s goal is to make money.

  1. I work here to make money. Great why?
  2. To support my family. Great why?
  3. Because I want to be a parent that provides for them. Great why?
  4. So they can live their dreams and never have to sacrifice them for money. Great why?
  5. Because I know what that’s like and never want anyone I love to have to experience that.

So basically your reason why for this scenario would be, “I am determined to provide for my family in a way so they’ll never have to experience the hardships that life can throw at them causing them to sacrifice their dreams. I need money to provide for them in those ways.” It’s not the money it’s what you do with the money.

Let’s take this same scenario of someone’s reason why and turn it into an answer for the question “why the fuck should we hire you?”

“Great question! You should hire me because I’m on a mission. A mission to provide for my family in a way so they’ll never have to experience the hardships that life can throw at them causing them to sacrifice their dreams. I need money to provide for them in those ways and know I can make that at this company. I know I would be a great fit for this position because I will stop at nothing to provide for my family. I aim to perform at the highest level which will require me putting in extensive hours towards research, constantly going above and beyond what’s asked of me, and growing revenue while increasing margins. Just know you have my word that no one will work harder because unlike them, I have zero options for failure!”

I’ve conducted many interviews and if I was hiring someone and heard something like that my mouth would hit the floor and I’d hire them on the spot. What would you think? Instead I would typically hear “because I work hard and want to try something new.” See the difference?  

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Common Mistakes

Commonly, I see people making mistakes by focusing on the wrong things. Figure out what’s important to who you’re talking to and tailor your pitch for them. If you need help figuring out what’s important check out my post on the best questions to ask your customers. Each person you talk to is different so don’t treat everyone the same.

You need to be brutally honest. I know I mentioned earlier about being fake but this is probably the most common mistake. People can tell if you’re passionate or not about something. Notice the passion with my example. Just be real and ask yourself those questions.

I’ve also seen people jamming things down people’s throat that no one wants or cares about. If something isn’t right for someone then move on. Know your target and who your solution is for. Go find them and pitch them. It’ll make your whole life easier. Be more open to reading situations and adapting. You shouldn’t sell snow to an Eskimo because they don’t need it. However, people in a heat wave would love some snow for snow cones! Go after them.

Other Scenarios

I’ll list off some scenarios where you can ask yourself this question:

  • Why the fuck should someone do business with you?
  • Why the fuck should someone do business with your company?
  • Why the fuck should someone buy your product or service?
  • Why the fuck should an employer hire you? Give you a raise?
  • Why the fuck should someone date you? Marry you? Have kids with you?
  • Why the fuck should your family or friends listen to you?
  • Why the fuck should someone read your blog post, book, etc?
  • Why the fuck should someone follow you on social?
  • Why the fuck should someone work for your company?
  • Why the fuck should someone spend time with you?

I’m pretty sure you get the point. By the way if you’re asking yourself if you need all the swearing; you do. The reason you need it is because you get more truthful with yourself. I’ve found that people get offended and taken back by this question. In turn, they fight more and it reignites the spark inside of them of “I’ll tell you why the fuck me!” I know it’s not the most PC. But you can get over it, your happiness and success depend on it.

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For business ask yourself these questions and confidently know the answers. It’ll help you sell your clients, employees, competition, manufacturers, and more importantly you. If everyone’s on the same page it’ll turn you or your business into a dominating powerhouse.

The Greatest Part About This Question

The best part about a question as straightforward and savage as this is you start to become introspective. You truly notice where you’re failing or lacking, your disconnects, your roadblocks, your reasons why, and if it’s even a good fit. Some people are so tunnel visioned they won’t even recognize their flaws and where they suck. Sometimes the truth is scary but change is good! But don’t think that you have to give up if something is not right at the moment. You can adapt and improve.

Once you see your flaws it’s time to make a change. Let’s take a situation where it’s the girl/guy of your dreams and you guys are dating but struggling and fighting all the time. Ask yourself the simple question but in reverse, “why the fuck would they NOT want to date me?” Maybe you’ll notice that you only give 1 hour of your time to them a day and during that time you’re on your phone for half of it. You might even realize that you never do things they want to do. Or maybe you’ve been so distracted that you haven’t even learned anything new about them in the past month!

You start to think, “wow I suck, I don’t ask questions, when I do I don’t listen, we haven’t gone on a date since Nam, I shot down their movie idea, and I haven’t been fulfilling them at all! I don’t even want to date me!” Then it’s time for a change. Look at something from someone else’s perspective and you start to see some truths.

The thing I love the most about this is you start to evaluate if you’re putting up your end of the bargain or not. If you’re not performing you will fail. You must be performing at high levels 100% of the time in all areas of your life. People are replaceable. If you aren’t performing at high levels someone else will come along and replace you. That’s just the ugly truth. Take failure away from ever being an option. Just be like Eminem in Lose Yourself

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Make Some Noise!

Once you figure out why the fuck you, the next step is to make noise. Actually let me rephrase that to make the amount of noise you think is required 10X (10 times) that amount. I’ll be honest here that people don’t make nearly enough noise. You need to scratch, claw, scream, scream again but louder, buy a megaphone so you can get even louder, and basically let everyone you can know. If someone’s still not sold then go find someone else that will be and prove them wrong.

This is where most introverts are probably shitting themselves. To those I say you need to force yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s the only way but don’t worry you can go back to being an introvert when you have alone time. See? Compromise.

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I recommend keeping your ‘why’ ready at any moment. You never know when the right opportunity will come around or when you have to fight for your survival. The person who’s hungrier is always going to win. Let them know why the fuck you! Remember, it’s all about the value not the loyalty. Loyalty in a sense of doing business is dead. Heart and hustle are what people seek. What did you do for me TODAY?! If you’re constantly practicing this you’ll perform at levels that no one can even think about touching. Don’t think it’s easy because it’ll take a ton of work. Is that worth it to you?

Let these recommendations be a way for you to explode through your roadblocks in life and gain the confidence to achieve your dreams. If you liked this post check out one of my favorites on a quick thought on how talent is a slave to persistence.

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Be great,

Cody Cameron