When was the last time you went all in on something? I mean 100% dedication and accountability to follow through with your actions. I feel like going all in is a dying art form. I don’t understand why. Most of the time, I hear that there is too much to focus on, what’s the point, and people saying they are when it’s clear that they aren’t (or maybe they think they are but to me it seems that they aren’t). If you want to be successful you need to go all in. There is no way around it. You are going to be outworked and outperformed by someone that is. At the moment, you may be on top but if you let up, on the gas, someone will end up passing you up.

Going all in is extremely difficult to maintain. A lot of time, effort, sweat, patience, and money go into maintaining this level, of commitment. Believe me when I tell you that you sacrifice a decent amount upfront but the end results and payout are worth it. Stay the course. Set goals for yourself and stick to them. The best way to ensure you are going all in is to utilize your free time as efficiently as possible at work and home. There will be distractions and people trying to drag you down (more on that here) but you cannot let that stop you from hitting your goals.

Going all in is not limited to your job. You can go all in with your career, education, love life, family, friends, charity work, faith, business, art, etc. The key is to be 100% in it to win it! How can you be great at something if you never give it a chance? If you are in a relationship with someone, then go all in and be the best boyfriend/girlfriend you can be. You are not giving something a chance when you are not committed. There are going to be people outperforming you left and right, if you refuse to go all in, and that’s where you fail.

How I Went All In

I do not have this art form perfected by any means; however, I have found some decent successes with it. When I started out, in sales, I dove head first. I was jacked up and ready to prove myself. All I did was create a game plan and stick to it. First, I learned everything I could about the product, services, and sales processes that my work provided me with. Next, I spent time, at home, studying, learning and practicing (yes even though I was not getting paid and here’s the reason you’re not succeeding). Then, I would spend time with each individual I could and watch their selling techniques to learn their strengths. I would take those strengths and mold them into my own selling technique. You have to be sure to take the positive and not adapt the weaknesses.

I work, in the furniture business, and I spent each of my off days shopping my competition, for the first 6 months. I still shop them often but not as much as I used to. You have to know what your competition is like because then you know why they suck and why your clients should shop from you. Practice makes perfect. I would practice daily and still do. I cannot tell you how much practicing impacted my success. For some reason, some salespeople think they are too good to practice. If Tom Brady practices (and he’s the greatest quarterback to ever play football) I think anyone should be open to it. Ultimately, you need to go above and beyond if you want to make it big time. You have to put in the extra effort and dedication. It is a grind but you will outwork your coworkers and competition.

Why You Should Go All In

At first, you may not see the results you are wanting. Also, you probably won’t see any monetary gain until down the road. You put the effort in now to get the results later. It will pay out exponentially. In my first 6 months, I become one of the top 5 paid salespeople. The following year I jumped up to the highest paid salesperson and I would guess to say the highest paid employee other than the CFO and CEO, of course. The key was that I outworked everyone. I know I did. I spent so much time on and off the clock dedicated to honing my craft.

Abe Lincoln once said “give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.” The morale of that quote is to work hard, before the work, to make your job easier. Don’t be a dull blade. You know if Honest Abe said it it has got to be legit.

Finally, let’s get real. Salespeople want to get paid. We live and die by our performances so consistency is everything. Going all in will demand more upfront hours and effort but once you ‘get it’ it’s like riding a bike… you never fall off… or something like that? I forget. If you are able to sustain going all in you will outwork everyone at your company. You will earn the most money and people will look to you for guidance on how to succeed. Not only that but you will start to secure your role with being a high performing, irreplaceable sales assassin (check out how to become a sales assassin).

Sales is a stressful profession. You may find it to be less stressful when you are performing at high levels. You will no longer be asking yourself if you will hit commission or not. Instead, you will be asking yourself how high your commission will be. Also, your manager will not be micromanaging you as much. That in itself would be enough to move mountains with some salespeople.

What If This is Not What I Want to do My Whole Life

Who the hell cares. You think I want to be a furniture pimp my whole life?! God no! But am I going to go all in while I am in the business? You’re damn right! Get out there and be a competitor (here’s how to be a better competitor). If you can get one inch closer to hitting your goals then take it.

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day. He was stating how he hates working for people because he wants to be financially free one day. I told him tough luck. He’s going to have to swallow that bitter pill. I told him to take the positives from it. You might as well learn everything you can from the job you work at. You can take those learns and apply them to get closer to hitting your future goals. The second you are done learning then get out. Go into some other field and learn something else. GO ALL IN. Bottom line.

When was the last time you went all in? What were the results?