I cannot tell you how many times I hear the excuse “I don’t have time.” It makes me cringe every time I hear it. If you commonly say this, JUST STOP. Everyone has time to do things, it’s all about making it work. When I hear this, I always give the comeback of “if your celebrity crush walked in would you have time for them?” The answer is of course you would! Man I tell you what, if Blake Lively walks in the room my schedule is instantly cleared. I don’t care what I am doing. That is the key right there. You have to grasp that you have time and it is not about time and never was about time. It is all about if you think the task or offer is important enough for your time.

Time is so valuable. You need to cherish time as if you were Smeagol with the ring from Lord of the Rings. Just don’t whisper “my precious” because that will probably creep people out… and especially don’t look at your watch like you want to make love to it. That will definitely get you reported. Anyway, there are two common denominators with time. One, you cannot get it back. Two, everyone has the same amount of time throughout the day.

There are 24 hours in a day. I have that in my day, you have that in yours, and a stranger across the world has that as well. So, you do not have any less time than anyone else in this world. It’s science. But, time efficiency is the issue if you find yourself using this excuse. You can help solve this issue by working on your time management skills.

Why You Need to Stop Saying This

This is a bitter pill to swallow because this phrase is normally a shoe-in to get you off the hook for something. Now, it is always important to understand the ‘whys’ behind things to fully grasp them (more on that here). The main reason you need to stop saying this is because this excuse is holding you back from your full potential. I found I would say this and not even try and make time for things. It wasn’t an issue about time it was user error. When you let go of this, you no longer think “I can’t do this” but instead you think “how can I do this?” In my opinion, it opens your mind. When you open your mind you can achieve great things.

Also, if you want to become successful you need to get rid of excuses and start taking ownership for everything you do. Most people cannot do this. It is extremely tough to do. We like to place blame in others. Get away from that mentality and revert back to owning it. When you own it more you will have more control over your results. It will not be a fight about whose fault something is and you can focus on the solution. You will be more forward thinking and proactive. Not only that but people will love when you take ownership for your actions.

How to Get Over This and Use Time More Efficiently

Now, I know that people are busy. Everyone is busy. But we can all utilize our time better to become more efficient. I always think that if Elon Musk can run three companies then everyone has time. That guy is insane and I envy his time management skills. I have no clue how he does it but I hope to get on his level one day. After reading his book, I discovered a few ways that he increases his time efficiency. Also, I have a few that I found to be beneficial. These are the strategies that can increase your time efficiency:

  1. Stop saying “I don’t have time.” You have the same time as everyone else.
  2. Multi-task. You can make more time for yourself if you knock out two birds with one stone. Personally, I use this the most with general tasks that I do throughout the day like cooking, cleaning, errands, etc.
  3. Cut out the time wasters. This is the most powerful one that I learned. For me, the biggest time waster used to be video games. It was a painful loss but I could no longer spend 2 hours a day playing Call of Duty. My life goals outweighed my interest in video games.
  4. Work overtime and extra time. You are more likely to become successful by going above and beyond. I think too many people are trying to have the 4 Hour Work Week. Now, this is a great concept and all but it takes a ton of work to get to that level.
  5. Create more time. First, you can create more time with working more efficiently. For example, if the average salesperson can only make 20 calls and I can make 30 calls, in a hour, I just created 30 minutes for myself. Second, I can hire people to work for me to create more time for myself by doing the job for me. This will cost money but having people work for you is going to pay off.
  6. Make tasks more efficient. Cut out the slack that weighs down efficiency by streamlining things. You can cut out unnecessary steps and tasks most of the time.
  7. Set challenging timelines. These are going to keep you on pace to hit your goals and be manage your time better.
  8. Fill up your schedule and keep it full. This will ensure that there is no moment wasted!

Overall, don’t fall in the trap of letting this excuse hold you back. Stay open minded and always keep time in mind. For most people, time is the most valuable asset. It is one of the only things you cannot buy and cannot get back… it is precious. I am 25 and I feel like as each day passes I am rapidly running out of time. It has made me appreciate it more. Father time is unforgiving. Prepare for it and understand it inside and out. You will be less inclined to waste it going forward!

Please comment what your favorite learn from this post was! How do you view time?

The timer is running, now get after your success!