I am a huge fan of performance based jobs. One of the reasons why I love sales so much is because how ever hard you work is how much you get paid. How awesome is that?! You never have to worry about the slacker next to you making the same paycheck while you are busting your ass. I experienced that when I worked at Starbucks. I worked there for 1 year, right out of college. By nature, I am a hard worker. It always bothered me because I know I was working harder than my hourly rate was paying me. That is why I took the jump of faith, into sales. To think that my competitive nature could run free and I would get paid more to do it? Sign me up! And I never looked back.

A bonus/commission structure is going to push you to work harder. You are going to be more efficient with your time to produce more results. The easiest way to get the hang of things is to never stop learning. Knowledge is only going to help you. It will take an incredible amount of work but the payoff is well worth the hustle. If you love sports and competition you will love a career like sales. It is fun being a single producing salesman and going against a rival. It brings out the best, in people. Well, it brought the best out, in me. Some people crumble under the pressure, of competition. Realistically, you should embrace it. Competition drives me to push myself to my limits. It can have that same effect on you but you have to accept it with open arms.

You do not have to be like Ricky Bobby, in Talladega Nights. If you ain’t first, you’re last does not apply, with sales. Now don’t get me wrong go for gold and get number one! You are bound to make a killing if you do that. You can be second, third, and fourth and still make some decent money. It is all about consistency.

Be open to it and try it out. You don’t know how you will ever like something if you don’t try it. People fear a lot of the uncertainties that come with sales. Here are some reasons why people fears sales:

  1. They don’t like not knowing what their pay check will be. Yes, this is the case with sales; however, if you know you are a hard worker then you will make a killing. Have some confidence, in yourself!
  2. It will be stressful. Shouldn’t any high paying job be stressful? Embrace the stress because if anything it will motivate you. Also, the better performer you are the less stressed you are. Instead of worrying about hitting your sales targets you will only worry about what commission percentage you are going to hit (less stressful believe me on that one).
  3. The work environment is overly competitive. If you work with great people you won’t have to worry about this. There always seems to be that one or two bad seeds but that is common for any workplace. If you experience this, I would consider it a one off.
  4. You are scared you won’t perform. This falls back into the realm of trusting yourself. If you know you are smart, a quick learner, positive, competitive, a hard worker, driven, and motivated then this shouldn’t even pop, into your mind. If you are just starting in sales check out, how to become a selling machine. If you are worried you won’t get it check out, the reason you are not succeeding.
  5. You are not driven, self motivated, or a hard worker. I doubt anyone would ever admit these but if you did I would steer away from sales. Most sales jobs require highly driven people. Some people have different priorities and that’s fine too.
  6. You are not great with people. This may be an issue with sales as well. So much of this profession is people oriented. I would shy away if you don’t like people.

We think of all these reasons and more times than not we overthink them. Instead of thinking why you can’t do it think of how you can do it! Change your mindset because I doubt those people that say they are bad with people really are. I think they just don’t try. They tell themselves they are bad with people and never commit to being great with people. You tell yourself you’re terrible at something which prevents you from ever trying. It is all a mindset! Believe in yourself and that you can do it. Sometimes confidence is all you need. Believe me with this. Confidence is 50% of the battle!

Sales is a profession that you can make north of $100k. Some people get stuck in their $50k a year jobs and think that’s enough to live. I guess, but wouldn’t you rather be at the $100k mark? I know I would. The earning potential for a lot of sales careers can reach even higher. The greats are the ones that break past $200k+. It takes a straight up assassin to get to that level. Talk about going straight for the jugular. I am determined to get to that point. Personally, I have to find the right medium because the job I am at not I have met that ceiling. If you are at the ceiling, at your job, and you know you can reach the stars then go for it! I know I am working on that!

What is your favorite part about the sales profession? Do you like the idea of doing sales? If so, why? If not, why?

Give sales a shot! If you apply yourself you can be great!